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The following list of HUD Homes is provided to you at no charge as a service from Vantage Point Realty..A leader in marketing & sales of Government Homes & Investment Opportunities.  Vantage Point Realty is not affiliated with HUD.  The list will be updated during the bidding cycle however we cannot guarantee that updates will occur on a daily basis.  See bottom of page for listing time frames and other information.

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Bids on Hud Homes are Opened DAILY!

Bid Period Begins:  See listing Date in each listing!
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Attention Realtors!
Why lose a sale?  If you have a buyer for HUD properties but you are not up on the HUD system, feel free to contact us!
We will be happy to cooperate with you and to split the commissions as well!

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The HUD listing will be released on Thursdays.  Bids received during the first 10 days will be considered to be received simultaneously.  Owner occupant bids will be considered on the morning of the first business day following the expiration of the first TEN day period.  The bid with the HIGHEST ACCEPTABLE NET AMOUNT will be accepted.

Should there be no accepteable owner occupant bid, Bids will be opened on a DAILY basis.  INVESTORS may bid from this point foreward.

At each daily review, The HIGHEST ACCEPTABLE NET bid will be accepted, without any Owner Occupant preference.

At the conclusion of the 10 day owner occupant period, if the property remains unsold to an owner occupant.   Bids received on the same day are considered simultaneous bids.  Priority will be given to Owner-Occupants for the first 10 calandar days only.

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